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Domestic violence is violent behavior that occurs between the members of a family, usually between the

When it comes to writing your will, you want to make sure you mention all the

One of the most difficult parts of a divorce is that where custody of your children

Wills have a reputation of being just for the wealthy. The purpose is to assign assets

Home No one wants to think about the possibilities of their early passing, but some things

Home If you aren’t sure what an estate plan is, it is basically your way of

Going through a divorce will likely be an emotionally taxing process for you, your spouse, and

In divorce, the two parties involved in the process are not always the only ones affected

Many aspects are affected by a divorce that takes place: the family, the assets, friends, money.

One of the largest parts of any divorce proceeding is the issue of where the child

In the world of today, it never hurts to be prepared. Life insurance, health insurance, fire