How Should We Deal With the Family Home in Divorce?


Many aspects are affected by a divorce that takes place: the family, the assets, friends, money. One of these material assets that can be greatly affected is the family home. This home most likely holds significant value and meaning, both sentimental and financial. Both of these can make it hard to know exactly what do with the family home. By law, the two parties can make decisions over child custody and assets that will ultimately have major effects later in life; the decision over the family home can be just as important. If you are in the process of a divorce or considering it and the family home is an issue you value, here are a few ways to deal with it while you’re getting a divorce in Rock Hill SC.

Sell the Home
This option to sell the family home is one that some may try to avoid. However, sometimes, it can be the only option that some parties have. Neither party nor spouse may want to keep or stay in the house for various reasons whether it be financial or emotional reasons. Both may no longer be able to afford it or it may bear too many memories for any party to be able to remain there. You may be able to sell the house and then divide the proceeds from the sale equally if need be. It has its advantages and disadvantages, so make sure to consider and discuss carefully before making a final decision.

Stay in the Home
Another option you have is to remain in the family home and not lose it. One pf the parties may be able to remain in the home despite what it may require financially and emotionally. It may mean too much to them to move out and leave the home. This option may also require some work by having refinance and possibly remove the other party’s name from the mortgage and such work. This choice can also provide stability for the children amidst the change of a divorce.

Negotiate the Home
This last option is one that in a way goes hand in hand with possibly keeping the house. As there were two parties involved in buying the house and they are now separating, the matter of keeping the family home will still involve two parties. You can buy out your spouse to be able to keep the home and have just one name on it. There is also the option of still co-own the home, an option that spouses may choose for the children. The time may not be right to sell the house or the spouse who wants the home cannot afford it. For this reason, you can delay it co-own. This option should also be especially and carefully thought to ensure security.

Divorce can be a long and difficult process with many issues to take care of. With the sensitivity that the family home can have for the ones affected by the divorce, this issue can be especially concerning for the parties. There are a few ways to deal with the family home such as sell the home, remain in the home, or try to negotiate between the two parties to try to get an arrangement worked out for the best of the most. What happens with the family home can have an impact on the future of the parties and how successful the divorce process will continue as time goes.

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