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Attorney Haley Harden was born in Charlotte, NC and has lived in the surrounding area her entire life. She seeks to provide clients at our firm with the best possible representation built on a foundation of trust. Haley is passionate about helping others while they endure some of the more difficult times of their lives.
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Child Custody
How is Child Custody Determined?


Domestic Violence
What is the legal definition of abuse in South Carolina?


Family Law




Overview of an Annulment

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When you decide to pursue a divorce, there are certain legal steps to take throughout the process. Often, the first step for many couples is actually deciding to divorce. Here’s how to file for divorce after you and your spouse …

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divorce lawyer fort mill sc

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Just because you may no longer be a husband or wife doesn’t mean you aren’t still a parent. As a parent, working together with your ex to raise your child can provide him or her with the stability they need. …