Compassionate advocacy and guidance for the way forward

Divorce Lawyers in Fort Mill, SC

Families can endure when a marriage doesn’t, but solving disputes in court isn’t always the best way to keep a family together. We believe there’s nothing more important than family, and that bridges are for connecting, not burning. There is a healthier, more empowering, and more balanced way to handle the complexities of separation and divorce than litigation, and we’re here to give you that choice.

Our expertise

Family Law

Ensuring family unity and harmony through compassionate legal guidance.

Settlement Conferences

Navigate through separation with dignity and mutual respect.


Facilitating amicable resolutions through neutral, guided negotiations.

Marriage Dissolution

Empowering couples to consciously uncouple with grace and understanding.

Child Custody

At Harden Law, child custody matters are handled with empathy and delicacy.

The best choices for you and your family

We believe that conflict resolution is a more peaceful, agreeable, and proactive way to make the best choices for you and your family – without the high levels of stress, anxiety, and emotional pain we often see in the courtroom. 

Collaborative law is all about protecting your family unit as you navigate the challenges of change and find your way forward, together.

Our values


Acting with honesty and transparency.


Striving for high-quality work and exceeding expectations.


Fostering teamwork and open communication.


Putting clients’ needs first.


Being flexible and adaptable to change.


Respecting client privacy and data security.

When it comes to your family’s future, let us guide you.

We believe in not just providing legal advice but in forming a partnership that safeguards your interests and harmony through every legal hurdle and decision. Together, we’ll find a path that honors and protects the integrity of your family relationships and future.