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Attorneys Haley & Billy Harden were born in Charlotte, NC and have lived in the surrounding area their entire lives. They seek to provide clients at our firm with the best possible representation built on a foundation of trust. Harden Law Firm is passionate about helping others while they endure some of the more difficult times of their lives.

Harden Law is excited to announce that Billy Harden is a member of the North Carolina Bar Foundation, and is licensed to practice law in NC. Contact us today for Family Law Services in North & South Carolina.

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Child Custody
How is Child Custody Determined?


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What is the legal definition of abuse in South Carolina?

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Overview of an Annulment

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Throughout the divorce process and in the years following, child custody is usually one of the most contentious issues that arise. Child custody disputes can be emotionally challenging and complex, often leaving families overwhelmed and resentful. Having a Child Custody …


Divorce can be a complex and emotionally challenging process, often requiring both parties to actively participate in the divorce proceedings. However, there are instances where one spouse may not want the divorce, and refuse to cooperate with the process, or …


As you go through the often painful and emotionally taxing process of divorce, you will need to identify the reasoning behind it before a judge can officially dissolve your marriage. In South Carolina, like many other states, there are two types …


Divorce can be a painful and difficult process for everyone involved, and couples who decide to end their marriage often find themselves facing a mountain of decisions to be made. There is the division of property and assets, custody of …


In situations in which parents cannot agree on a parenting plan, they must participate in a child custody hearing. Preparing for a custody hearing can feel frightening and overwhelming at first, given the weight of the judge’s decision. However, by …


If you are considering divorce, it can be difficult to discern all your legal options and what next steps suit you and your family. Though some couples begin divorce proceedings immediately, spending time apart through a separation agreement can be …