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Attorneys Haley & Billy Harden were born in Charlotte, NC and have lived in the surrounding area their entire lives. They seek to provide clients at our firm with the best possible representation built on a foundation of trust. Harden Law Firm is passionate about helping others while they endure some of the more difficult times of their lives.

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Child Custody
How is Child Custody Determined?


Domestic Violence
What is the legal definition of abuse in South Carolina?

Family Law




Overview of an Annulment

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Family law is one of the most personal areas of law that handles relationships with both adults and children. The families going through such matters as separation, divorce, and child custody can be immensely affected by the resulting legal proceedings. …

When parents decide to separate or divorce, it can be a challenging time for a family. South Carolina child custody law will decide who gets custody of the children as well as award visitation rights and more. Once you begin …

Family law covers a variety of areas of law that pertain to marriage, divorce, separation, and additional family matters. Family law can be deeply personal and affect the people it involves greatly. At Harden Law, we understand how frustrating and …

Getting in a car accident can be very upsetting. Whether you were driving another vehicle, walking across the street, or riding your bike, motor vehicle accidents can have lifelong effects on the people who experience them. Your next steps after …

Family law focuses on numerous areas of law usually pertaining to family matters including divorce, child support, and alimony. Family law also includes adoption and guardianship when it comes to children. Here’s a closer look at the areas that family …

If your personal injury was caused by negligence on the behalf of a property owner, your case may be considered premises liability. Property owners, especially those with businesses or rental properties, are obligated to keep their property safe. Depending on …