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Navigating the complexities of child custody is one of the most challenging, and often most emotional,

Throughout the divorce process and in the years following, child custody is usually one of the

In situations in which parents cannot agree on a parenting plan, they must participate in a

For years, the research has told us that divorce can have a negative impact on childrens’

Child support is defined as the payment one parent makes to the other to be used

Child custody agreements are enough of a challenge. There are intense emotions on both sides and

You’ve likely heard the terms “legal guardianship” and “joint custody” before, but may be unsure about

The holidays can be a tense time for everyone, but for those who share custody of

When many couples file for divorce, the decision is mutual, and the process itself is amicable.

It’s summer: the season of long-awaited family reunions, relaxing vacations, and the fondest of memories. With

Even though joint custody arrangements are the obvious preference of courts and most parents,these arrangements can

When the spread of COVID-19 first entered our country in March and short-term stay-at-home orders were