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Facing divorce is a life-altering, all-consuming process that can and should be treated as the significant

If you wish to use your spouse’s affair(s) as grounds for a hostile divorce, then it’s

Child support arrangements ensure your children are secure in the new living situation that happens after

Separation is never easy. Although it does not have the same ramifications as divorce, legal separation

We all know that divorce is a difficult time for adults. However, divorce can also leave

No one has complete control of their life and as a result, no one is immune

Are you responsible for paying child support in South Carolina? If so, then everything has already

How Much Experience Do You Have? It is very easy to be taken in by the

As a parent, a child custody hearing is a worrying experience. Will full custody be awarded

Summer is the season of outdoor sports, water sports and many other activities that could end

Filing for divorce can be very difficult. When people go into a marriage, they want to

When you are in a domestic or romantic relationship with a person who threatens, molests, harasses,