Who Pays Child Support In SC? Questions You Want To Be Answered

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child supportAre you responsible for paying child support in South Carolina? If so, then everything has already gone through the courts, or you are paying child support ahead of time upon separation with your spouse. When you live in South Carolina, you want to know the laws and guidelines surrounding not only the payment of child support but child support in general. Some sites online have a ton of resources about what you can expect when it comes to these types of cases in South Carolina.

There are also sites where lawyers offer information to people with questions about child support cases. You can read their questions and the answers, and they can be quite helpful. Each child support case is unique, and there are many different types of questions that can arise. For example, on one of the sites, I see that there is a question about inheritances. The lawyer is asked whether or not a mom and her child should get money from the ex-husband and father’s inheritance.

You’ll find all types of resources, including information about establishing paternity. There are certain specific criteria that must be met according to the laws and guidelines concerning child support in South Carolina. You have to make sure all your ducks are in a row, no matter which side of the field you fall on. These children are what’s most important, so all paperwork and legal stuff that deals with child support and the welfare of the children should be handled immediately.

Sometimes, of course, there are also child custody cases, in which case there are going to be some hang-ups. Still, the children are taken care of and not in any way subject to any negative financial consequences of the split. That is how it’s supposed to happen anyway, but you know how things never exactly end up exactly as you would think. Either way, children suffer emotionally, but that is the way of life when parent get divorced. It’s something that many families go through, although very unfortunate.

You can also find all of the official forms you need online, and you can even read about signing up for child support without even getting a lawyer. It isn’t actually necessary that you get a lawyer in South Carolina according to the South Carolina Child Support Services. However, some people feel more comfortable, and again, sometimes a lawyer is needed for another part of the case.

Hopefully, everything is cordial between you and your ex, and child support is just a formality. If not, you’re going to want to know the guidelines for sure, and you’re going to want to check for updates if you haven’t lately. If you’re due child support, it’s as simple to get started as filling out an application.

You handle the process the way you see fit, but I would definitely want a lawyer. If there is a problem for any reason, I would especially want a lawyer. Maybe you’re actually the one responsible for paying child support, but you feel like you’re the one that needs the lawyer. Whatever the case may be, laws are individual to the state of South Carolina, so be sure you’re filled in on what’s going on.

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