Top 4 Signs That You Are In An Abusive Relationship

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abused womanNo one has complete control of their life and as a result, no one is immune to abusive relationships. Surprisingly, a majority of the women who make it out of abusive relationships swear never to get into another one in future only to find themselves trapped in one again. There are a couple of telltale signs of an abusive relationship with the most common one being fear of your spouse. If you realize that you have to watch your actions or words constantly to avoid a blow-up, you are definitely in an abusive relationship. The unfortunate bit about most relationships is that they never start out with a black eye. They begin with a lot of romance and affection, but as time progresses, the love fades away, and the relationship ends up evolving into a full blown physical or verbally abusive relationship.

Here are some four sneaky signs that you are in an abusive relationship.


Humiliation is just a kind of abuse that could begin with subtle insults or jabs in private and then transpire into uncontrollable yelling and embarrassment in public before you can even ever discover it. It just takes some little emotional change for an abuser to get agitated for petite reasons and turn you into the guilty party. This form of humiliation is meant to make you a submissive individual and to control you quickly in front of other people.

The Controlling Behavior

In most cases, the abuser’s aim is too distant you from other people in your life apart from them. That way, it becomes tough for your family members and friends to rescue you from your abusive marriage. Many abusers will want you to be completely dependent on them and not anyone else. In the beginning, it may seem as if your partner is just so concerned about your life and the decisions you make but it gradually turns out to them being in complete control of your life.

Physical Violence

Physical abuse is very common in most abusive relationships and one of the main reasons why many spouses give up on their love. It all begins with an intimidating stance, a rough grab of your arm or a slap to try and get your attention. This gradually progresses into harsher grabs, physical slaps and worst of all punches. Abusers are aware that it takes quite some time to breaking their partner down so physical violence will always rule the relationship.

Verbal Insults

Your or your spouse may lose your calm in case of an argument, but that is no excuse for calling names or foul language. Verbal abuse can include insulting your intelligence, your looks or worth because it does not necessarily involve foul language. Verbal abuse is mainly meant to reduce your self-esteem so that you are fully reliant and in compliance with your partner and not anyone else.

The kind of trauma suffered in any abusive relationship can ramp up, drain your self-esteem and leave you feeling miserable about yourself and your life.

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