What Are Common Custody Arrangements in SC?

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girl-playing-960x640In divorce, the two parties involved in the process are not always the only ones affected by it. If there is a larger family involved, it is very likely for the children to be affected by the divorce. One of the biggest issue involved and addressed in the process of divorce is the child custody arrangement and how it will pan out after everything is said and done. In the state of South Carolina, it is possible to create your own parenting plan, or as it is also called, child custody agreement. However, it is also recommended that you have an attorney or professional write it up instead to save some trouble down the road. If you are looking into writing or working with your attorney to create one, here are a few examples of the common custody arrangements that are possible.

Joint Custody-Legal and Physical
This type of custody is one of the more common arrangements. The custody arrangement includes that both of the parents maintain the rights and responsibilities that come with having a child, despite no longer being together. The two make the decisions for the child and spend equal significant amounts of time with the child/children. Ultimately, both parents retain equal rights and responsibilities.

Joint Legal but Sole Physical Custody
This arrangement is explained in the name. In this custody arrangement, the child/children live with one parent and occasionally visit the other. However, both parents still have the equal rights and responsibilities to make those important decisions for the child/children together. Despite living with one parent, both can still maintain an equal amount of responsibility in raising and educating your child.

Sole Legal but Joint Physical Custody
In this type of custody arrangement, there still something shared as in the others. The decision and voice in important matters stays with one of the parents. That one parent has the rights and responsibilities. As far as the physical aspect, the two parents share the time that the child spends with them. The child/children spend equal amounts of time with both despite only one having legal custody.

Sole Custody-Legal and Physical
This last arrangement is also one of the more common ones, sole custody. Sole custody includes that one parent makes the decisions about the child and lives with that parent. The other parent also gets visitation with the child, but the legal and physical aspects are with the one parent.

The decision of finding what kind of custody is right for your child/children will depend on what is best for them and will work for you. It can be a difficult decision but also very important. The parents are required legally to work together to make a parenting plan/custody arrangement when dealing with divorce Fort Mill SC. Both parties must remember to focus on what will benefit the child/children in the end and not get too bogged down with what each party selfishly wants. These arrangements are only some of the common ones; do not forget you can create your own to make the best choice possible.

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