What Is Domestic Violence and How to Prevent It?

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Family Law Fort Mill, SCDomestic violence is violent behavior that occurs between the members of a family, usually between the husband and his wife. Many women are victims of this behavior, but very few of them have the courage to leave their home or ask for a divorce. Insulted and beaten, these women can only hope the next time isn’t going to be as bad as the last time. However, they risk their health and even their life by accepting this kind of life. Some of them accept it for the sake of the children, ignoring that they grow up in a crazy environment. Kids who witness violence in their families are more inclined to become violent adults at their turn. Those who are brought up in peaceful and happy families don’t even imagine such domestic scenes, so most of them behave normally in their adult life.

There are ways to lower the incidence of domestic violence. However, there’s still a long way to go until these ways are known to all women in this situation. They need to know there are special centers where they can go and ask for help, centers where they can find temporary shelter and support. Besides, they have to acknowledge their power. Today’s women can do everything they want. They can have good jobs; they can raise children in single-parent families, and they can have a fulfilled life without needing a violent man in the house. However, some of them don’t know this, so they need to be taught how to live in harmony and sort out all disputes in a responsible manner.

The other way to prevent violence and domestic abuse is by educating children in the spirit of calmness, love and responsibility. They have to be exposed to messages that encourage them to be supportive of their spouses and children. They have to become aware that communication and constructive feedback can solve any issue, no matter how big. On the contrary, violence and abuse don’t solve anything. They only make things worse. There are some couples who hit each other until they can’t take it anymore. Children need to be told this is not a good way of living your life, regardless of what they may see in their families.

Although such incidents occur mostly in poor, low educated families, there are also intellectuals who hit and insult their spouses. It seems that violent behavior and the IQ of a person aren’t correlated. This explains why smart people express their anger in such destructive ways, hurting everyone around them, and still feeling misunderstood. Living with a volcano is an impossible task, as it may erupt at the slightest spark. Even a tiny word may trigger their anger. There is no right way of doing things when living with a violent person. This is why this abuse has to come to an end, no matter how much the two spouses claim to love each other. Hurting the one you love is never a right thing to do.

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