Where are common places people keep their will in Fort Mill and Rock Hill, SC ?

estate-planning-attorney-fort-mill-sc-960x640For many residents in South Carolina, especially in the Fort Mill and Rock Hill area, a common question that estate planning lawyers are asked is, “Where should I keep my will?”. Every option of where to store your will, or estate plan, comes with its own pros and cons.

A security deposit box with the lawyer or at the bank.

Estate planning is a wise choice to make well in advance of it being needed. When it comes to writing your will though, some people may not make the best choice in keeping it safe. Usually establishing a security deposit box, with a month or two always paid ahead, is one of the securest ways of maintaining your will. Informing the person you want to execute your will and family members can help ensure that the estate plan is fully and promptly carried out. In most cases, a bank deposit box is strongly advised.

For original holders with no bank deposit box access there are alternatives.

When neither a bank nor a lawyers office suits the client, there are alternatives for keeping an estate plan safe at home. Barring playing hide and seek in the freezer with boxes, using a fireproof safe or lock box can be the next best alternative. The danger in holding the only copy of your estate plan is that accidents and misdeeds happen. Wills can be lost or stolen, and when there is no back up copy, it can create a lot of issues after an individual has departed. For residents in Fort Mill and Rock Hill, SC, having the original in the bank is the safest plan of action for your will.

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