When Should You Request that Your Child Support Order be Modified

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When it comes to child support, there are a few situations that might end with either you or the other parent wanting to change the child support agreement. First, the partner with custody of the child or children may be going through a tough financial situation, and may require more help. A second possibility is that the parent paying the child support may not be able to provide the required amount, and may want it lowered to be consistent with their financial situation. Whatever the case may be, here is how to know when to request the desired changed.

If There Are Unexpected Medical Costs

Unexpected medical costs can put a strain on anyone’s budget. As the parent with custody, these medical costs may either be for you or for your child. Regardless, the bills may be too high to handle alone and can also have put you out of work for a small amount of time. Or, if you are the parent paying child support and have incurred unexpected medical costs, you may not be able to pay your normal child support amount for some time, due to the added financial burden. No matter what the case is, you should discuss it with the other parent and your lawyer, to see about getting it modified temporarily, while you work past these unexpected costs.

If You Are Currently Between Jobs

It is possible that you may not be able to work for some time, due to illness or something larger. Whether you are the parent with custody, or the one paying support, this is another instance that can make you financially unsure. It is important that you make this situation known, so that the child support can either be lowered or raised, depending on who it is in the situation. Again, however, this would only be a temporary modification, while you work to return to your previous financial stability.

The Case of Permanent Modifications

There are a number of situations in which a permanent change to a child support agreement can be made. One such situation is if either you or the other parent loses your job, and your new one pays significantly less. In such a case, the payments will be adjusted to reflect this income change. Another situation is if either you or the other parent remarry, and the new combined salaries have increased the household income a great deal. Other cases that can lead to permanent modifications includes: increased cost of living, becoming disabled, change in the child’s needs, and changes in child support laws where you live. Regardless of what is occurring, you do not want to wait to seek these changes.

No matter the situation, the sooner you request changes to your child support, the better. This is especially important if you are going through financial difficulties, for whatever reason. To make things easier, discuss things with the other parent as well as with your lawyer. A lawyer will be able to walk you through the steps of requesting modification and help get it approved faster. If you live near Fort Mill, SC, you can seek the legal advice of the Harden Law Firm, who provides a number of family law services.

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