Life’s Tough Questions: What about other significant relationships?

family1-960x640For years, CBS’s correspondent Charles Kuralt, of “On the Road”, spent years documenting America’s back roads to bring his viewers oddball stories. But the story he is most remembered for is the one that wasn’t public knowledge until his death in 1997.

For 29 years, he had a mistress and a second family. The journalist was, in effect, husband and father to them, providing a home and college tuition among other things. While his legal wife lived in New York City, he built his secret life in Montana.

After he died, they became embroiled in a six-year public court battle over land in Montana.

Whether you are married or single, you need to take stock of your relationships that might have legal status such as civil union, domestic partnership or even a same-sex marriage. There can be legal obligations that come with these relationships that you need to know about and plan accordingly.

An attorney can’t advise you about the rights and obligations without the full picture. Fellow lawyers have asked for copies of divorce decrees only to have a client realize that he or she never actually did get around to finalizing a divorce. If you are leaving everything to the person you are married to, it can be less complicated. Otherwise this is information your attorney needs to know or a long drawn-out lawsuit could erupt after your death, consuming your estate in legal fees. Leaving little for those you worked to provide for.

Regardless of your marital status, you’ll need to outline your wishes and plan to update it on an annual basis as your family changes.

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