What to Look for in a Divorce Attorney

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What to Look for in a Divorce Attorney

When you’re looking for a divorce attorney, you need a lawyer who’s going to provide sound legal advice, advocate for you, and be a good fit for your particular divorce.

Every lawyer is different and has their own approach, so choosing the right divorce attorney is not only going to help your case, but also give you peace of mind during this stressful time.

But how can you find such a person? Here’s what you should look for in a divorce attorney.

Experience In Your Chosen Divorce Process

There are several ways your divorce can be handled, such as through:

  • Mediation. A process in which a neutral third-party will help you and your spouse communicate to agree on terms.
  • Collaborative divorce. Where each couple has an attorney that specializes in collaborative law to help the couple come to an agreement.
  • Litigation. When you and your spouse cannot agree and so go to trial to let a judge decide on the terms for you.

No matter how you’d like to proceed with your divorce, you need to find a lawyer who’s experienced in your chosen process.

For instance, if you want an amicable divorce, hire an attorney who’s skilled at helping couples agree on terms, not an aggressive litigator who would be more successful going to trial. Finding a divorce lawyer who fits your needs is essential.

Divorce Attorney Affordability

Divorce shouldn’t bankrupt you. You can still get the legal services you need at a cost you can afford. Remember that just because a lawyer is expensive doesn’t mean that they’re the right one for you.

When searching for the right divorce attorney, look for one you can afford and that provides the level of legal services you need to help you through your divorce.

An Understanding or Focus in Family Law

Your divorce can affect the rest of your life, so this isn’t time to hire just any lawyer you know. You need an attorney who regularly handles divorce and has at least some knowledge and skill in family law.

While you don’t need to hire a lawyer who focuses solely on family law, you should hire someone who has experience in family law and regularly handles cases similar to yours.

A Divorce Attorney Who Will Answer Your Questions

The right attorney should take the time to answer all your questions. Some questions you may want to ask during your initial consultation include:

How much do you charge?

You’ll want to know whether their rate is hourly or fixed. Divorces can take some time, so you need to know what you’re in for financially.

What’s the likelihood that I pay (or receive) alimony?

Asking about your obligation to pay or your desire to receive alimony can provide you with some clarity moving forward.

What’s the likelihood of getting custody of my children?

Again, this is something you want to have some idea about before getting into your divorce, although keep in mind that no lawyer can guarantee a specific outcome.

How are assets and debts likely to be split?

Your experienced divorced attorney should be able to tell you more about splitting assets in the state of South Carolina.

The Right Divorce Lawyer Matters!

Every attorney has a different background, strengths, and skills. Finding the right one for you can help your divorce go smoother and have a better chance at a more successful outcome.

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