What to do when your spouse says they want a divorce.

SouthCarolina-Divorce-Terms-960x640It is just four little words, but it can undo your whole world; “I want a divorce.” For many people the words are just as painful to hear as they are to say. Amid the whirlwind of questions that often run through a persons mind when they hear those words is often the question of what to do next. The first logical step is to confirm that they want the divorce. It they refuse counseling or state a devastating reason, such as infidelity, for wanting the divorce, the next step is to procure a divorce lawyer within the Fort Mill SC and Rock Hill SC areas. Retaining a divorce lawyer as quickly as possible can ensure it is handled as swiftly as possible. Depending on the facts of the case, some divorces can be fully handled in the matter of a few months per South Carolina laws. However, there are some factors to consider and discuss with your divorce lawyer.

Children can be most difficult aspect to deal with in a divorce.

When it is truly final between spouses, the next question that needs to be addressed is the matter of custody when applicable. Children are a cause for much longer waiting periods in regards to divorcing. For parents who can make peaceful agreements, the process is a lot less protracted and painful for everyone. Most lawyers who handle divorce, in both Rock Hill SC and Fort Mill SC areas, specialize in both marital and family law. When choosing a divorce lawyer and there are kids involved, its important that they are also well versed and comfortable with custody issues.

When there are not children involved:

The process of a divorce can run smoothly when there are not children involved, however that does not mean there can not be other snags. There still remains the issue of dividing assets, including things such as the home, vehicles, and anything which is defined as being jointly owned or communal property between the two of you. The cleanest cut divorces are when both parties agree to the terms of distribution. For many people things can be simply managed by retaining sole ownership of things such as cars and using both joint and personal bank accounts. A lot of couples, especially in dual income households, will have personal accounts and family accounts. It is a simple way of handling finances where funds in the family account are used to pay household bills and can be evenly distributed during a divorce.

Divorce can be one of the most emotionally draining events in a person’s life.

Stress and stress related illness increase dramatically during something as emotional as a divorce. Something that was meant to last the rest of your life is changing and it can be hard to separate these emotions from your decision making. A good divorce lawyer in the Rock Hill SC and Fort Mill area can help you make sound decisions and mediation between the parties can ensure that both are fairly treated in regards to the distribution of assets from the marriage.

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