What is an annulment? | Fort Mill Family Law

Fotosearch_k2886521-300x300-960x640In some cases, a marriage may need to be annulled. An annulment is a decree that will allow the parties to act as if a valid marriage did not exist. (Harden Law handles all aspects of Family Law and Divorce. If you need advice on an annulment, please click here to contact them today.)

Before an annulment is ordered, there must be proof that a valid marriage took place, including the marriage ceremony. The person seeking the annulment must provide the proof of the valid marriage as the law cannot presume the marriage existed.

Annulments are sometimes sought out when certain facts are discovered after the marriage. An example would be if you learn that your spouse is a minor, currently married to someone else, or that your marriage was to a person within a prohibited degree of kinship such as a cousin or relative.

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