What if my spouse does not want a divorce? | Fort Mill SC Family Law

A divorce can be a very difficult time for all parties involved. One question we sometimes hear is “What if my spouse does not want a divorce?” In many cases, the decision to divorce may not be mutual. The simple truth is that your spouse cannot prevent you from obtaining a divorce.

Here are some useful steps you can take if your spouse does not want a divorce:

Keep Communication Open

Although it may seem difficult, try to keep communication open. Ask your spouse why they do not think divorce is an option. If there is a way to resolve differences, take that into consideration. If a resolution cannot be reached, open communication will be key to the divorce process.

Grounds for Divorce

What are the grounds for divorce? Was one party unfaithful? Did your spouse refuse to adhere to the needs of the marriage? Grounds for the divorce must be determined, as well as proof of such grounds. If your spouse does not have a legitimate defense to dispute your claim, your spouse cannot prevent the divorce process from proceeding.

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