Top Signs You Need A Lawyer To Help With Child Custody Issues

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child custody1A divorce can be a traumatizing and very trying time for any couple. This is because it marks the end of a relationship, love or romance. However, getting through the divorce process can be daunting for a couple without the required knowledge. During a divorce, many couples are mostly concerned about gaining custody of their child or children. No one wants to leave the relationship without a kid to call son or daughter. Child custody issues can require more time than the divorce process itself. In fact, many couples are rarely concerned about asset division.

Sharp spouses can get through the divorce process rather smoothly and easily without much struggle, but others must hire an attorney. If you are filing for a divorce and rights to have custody of your child, here are some signs that you need a child custody attorney.

Cannot Get Through the Legal Process

One sign that you need a lawyer to assist with child custody issues is when you keep getting stuck because of the never-ending legal process. Asset division and child custody are aspects of divorce that require legal authorization to be successful. If you realize that you are constantly facing legal hurdles in your battle for supremacy with your kid, then do not hesitate to contact a child custody lawyer. The legal process can be demanding and frustrating but with the help of an attorney, everything will run smoothly, and the entire process will be completed in a very short time. Child custody lawyers are well-versed with all the legal requirements of child custody after a divorce and will guide you through the entire process.

When Your Partner Wants Custody of the Child

This is very common when a couple only had one child by the time of their divorce. In such a case, every partner would be battling to earn custody rights for the child and in such a scenario, a child custody attorney would be the right way to go. Such an attorney can help settle the stalemate by drafting a child custody agreement that both parties will sign. Alternatively, the attorney can guide you into filing a lawsuit to challenge your partner’s decision to keep the child.

When You Cannot Agree on the Amount of Child Support and Payment Plans

In the event of a divorce, it is required by law that the kids continue receiving support from their parents. However, the partner who fails to earn the child custody rights may be reluctant to offer any kind of support to the child or children. When this happens, you can ask a child custody attorney to intervene. No one wants to win custody rights for the kids and end up not being able to feed them or provide them with their basic needs.

A divorce cane is a trying time for any couple, but the child custody process can even be worse. If you have trouble getting through it, seek the services of a lawyer, and all shall be well.

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