Tips for selecting the right divorce lawyer

legal-separation-960x640When it comes to choosing the right divorce lawyer for your in the Rock Hill, Fort Mill area of South Carolina it can be a difficult decision to make. Divorce is often a painful and stressful time for everyone involved. Depending on the grounds for the divorce and if there are children involved, it can a long and arduous process that takes at best three to four months to complete, and at worst the whole affair can drag out over a few years. Disagreements, contesting, and refusal of one or both spouses can make the matter of settling or winning rely, in the end, on the skill of the divorce lawyer.


While some law firms offer free consultations, this does not always mean they can offer the best pricing for you. Outside of state funded legal aid offices, you should expect to pay some sort of retainer fees to start with. Some offer slightly lower or higher starting rates and they all depend on how difficult the lawyer feels the case may be based off the information presented at the consultation. It is important that you present as much truthful information that you have when you are given a consultation, as well as asking the right questions. These include asking the lawyer what their impression of the case is, how much the retainer would be, what the hourly rate is, and how long the case may take.

A reasonable law firm that has had a lot of experience will understand the level of financial strain that divorce in general can put on people. Harden Law Firm can work with clients to help them afford their services using payments or other arrangements. In particular, their fees can be leveled on the other spouse depending on the grounds and conditions surrounding the divorce. A good sign that your divorce lawyer is right for you is if they take the time to explore payment options that are reasonable for you.