The Grounds For Divorce In South Carolina

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legal-separation-960x640At Fault Divorces

Save for famous Hollywood people, the most common type of divorces is at fault divorces. These are divorces where someone has done something wrong, and the only next step is divorce for that couple. This Falls well outside of the Hollywood irreconcilable differences that we have learned to associate with Hollywood divorces. South Carolina has several different conditions for an at fault divorce. Under the statutes for divorce in South Carolina, they mention adultery, physical abuse, habitual drunkenness and desertion as all reasons why an at-fault divorce can happen. If you’ve been a victim of any of the above things, then you qualify for an at-fault divorce in the state of South Carolina.

No Fault

No fault divorce are also codified within in the laws of South Carolina, and this happens when a couple simply says that we do not want to be together anymore. Nothing that falls under the above statutes for an at-fault divorce happens but a couple simply no longer wants to be together. There was a time in the history of South Carolina, and even the country, when these types of divorces were not legal but in the Modern Age people are not forced to remain married by the law. They are allowed to decide what is best for them and their lives.

Going at It Alone

There are actually people who go through a divorce without consulting with an attorney. For them it is just a simple process of doing paperwork and submitting it to the courts; they sign the paperwork, they wait for the allotted amount of time and then they are divorced. This is very risky but for certain people without any assets, with nothing financially to lose, without child support issues, this might be the right thing for them because it is the simplest way to go about it. For people who have more to lose, or money, more assets, people who have a mortgage, people who have kids, people who have more to lose and to protect, they should consult with an attorney.

Find The Right Attorney

For most people the correct decision is to find a properly qualified attorney to go through this process. A properly qualified attorney can help you avoid all the typical mistakes that can go wrong and some of the most drastic mistakes that have been known to happen. An attorney is just another layer of protection for you during your divorce. Luckily it is not hard to find a highly-qualified divorce attorney in South Carolina, many of them are available to go to work for you

This article has just covered the basics of divorce in South Carolina. We have lightly covered different types of divorces that are available, the issues that are under each form of divorce, that some people go at it without an attorney and the reality that most people are in need of an attorney. We suggest that if you’re going through this process that you should consult with a highly qualified attorney as soon as possible.

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