The Best 9 Ways to Deal With Visitation After a Divorce


Are you dealing with a custody battle after a divorce? Is it becoming difficult to decide on a visitation agreement? Here are nine ways that you can amicably and successfully deal with visitation after a divorce.

  1. See the Kids on the Weekends

If your divorced spouse gets custody of the kids, then opt to visit the kids on weekends. This way, you and your kids won’t have any real responsibilities and you can hang out with them all day.

  1. Come Up With a Shared Custody Agreement

Coming up with a shared custody agreement can be hard, but if you both are fit parents and you want custody of the kids, then it might be the only option that you have. You can work out a half week schedule for the kids where they visit one parent for half a week and the other for the other half of the week. Or, you could switch every week who gets the kids for the week and who gets them for the weekend.

  1. Play Nice

Even if your divorce wasn’t too amicable, saving face for the sake of your children is probably the best option. Be respectful to your former spouse.

  1. Split the Kids Up

This really is not something you are going to want to do, but if one of the divorced parties is moving away and you both have joint custody of the kids, then splitting them up is probably a good way to go. This works best if the kids are too young to realize what’s really going on.

  1. Ask the Kids What They Want

It is always a smart idea to ask for your kids’ opinions so that they don’t end up despising you for the decisions you made without consulting them. Always keep what they want in mind.

  1. Come Up With Fun Activities for Visitation

Nothing is more boring to a child then having you come over just to sit around and do nothing. Make sure that you have fun activities planned for your children before coming over to visit.

  1. Be On Time

The last thing you want to do is make your children wait for you longingly. Unless something circumstantial comes up, do your best to be on time to the visitation. This not only makes you look good as a parent, but it also makes you look good in the court’s eyes.

  1. Be Flexible With Your Schedule

If you have to miss a visitation, give advance notice to your divorced spouse. If your kids have something going on during the time you were supposed to visit, then be patient and flexible with them and change your visitation to suit their needs. Remember, this is about their needs.

  1. Don’t Buy Your Children

While it is good to buy your children things that need or want from time to time, don’t shower them with endless gifts to try and buy their love. This will only make them spoiled and they will have no respect for you when they get older.

Divorce can be hard, but using these tips to deal with visitation could help you substantially in coping with your losses.

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