Separation or Divorce: Why You Still Need a Lawyer

If you and your partner are facing marital issues, you may have discussed the option of divorce. However, divorce is a big decision that some couples are not yet ready to commit to. These situations are where legal separation can offer some comfort. Though legal separation does not put an official end to the marriage, it does allow you and your partner to live separately. Both legal separation and divorce are situations where the legality of personal belongings, medical benefits, and financial connections can get confusing. If not handled properly, you may end up getting cheated out of rights you deserve. Don’t leave this important life decision to chance. If you’re considering legally separating or divorcing your partner, you need to understand the importance of having a lawyer for guidance.

Handling Legal Separation
You and your partner may choose legal separation over divorce for a myriad of reasons. Having children can drastically complicate divorces, and legal separation can make spousal support easier. You and your partner can live separate lives while outlining division of assets and debts, child custody and child support, visitation schedules. Though the same topics are discussed in a divorce as are in legal separation, your interests can be more securely protected before you make the decision to get a divorce. A lawyer can ensure that your wishes are clearly established and cannot be violated. He or she can also help you map out a separation agreement that could easily transition into a divorce agreement should you and your partner chose that route. Your lawyer can also help guide your decision to stay legally separated or peruse divorce. For example, there are benefits associated with 10-year marriages that you may want to take advantage of before considering an official divorce.

Navigating a Divorce
If you and your partner decide that getting a divorce is the best option for your futures, you’ll need a lawyer to help navigate the often complicated legal process. Your lawyer can ease the stress of establishing financial and social provisions to your divorce. They also have the legal knowledge and experience to understand what makes a good divorce settlement that will ensure long-lasting satisfaction. If you and your partner have struggled long enough and are ready to take the final step and moving on with your lives, then you need a divorce lawyer who can ease this transition. Your lawyer can fully explain the legal process you are about to embark on, yet reduce the stress of this journey with their extensive knowledge.

Whether you’re legally separating from your partner or getting a divorce, this life change can cause immense anxiety to your life. Having a lawyer can help you navigate through the legality of separating your life from your partner’s. Your lawyer will make sure that you get everything you need and that all loose ends are tied up. Having your separation go smoothly will make a potentially traumatic experience one of reassurance and fresh starts. If you need a Fort Hill, SC lawyer who will take your case seriously, then don’t hesitate to reach out for help as soon as possible.

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