Getting a Divorce in Fort Mill, SC

No one ever wants to face the end of their marriage. No matter who is in favor of it, it’s never an easy situation, At Harden Law, we specialize in helping people make divorce easier. Our divorce attorneys in Fort Mill provide support, compassion, and guidance navigating the divorce laws in South Carolina. 

How to File for Divorce in Fort Mill

When considering divorce in South Carolina, separation is usually the first step. Couples often separate by living apart from one another. Separation is a time to decide if divorce is imminent or reconciliation is possible. A separation agreement can be drafted by a divorce attorney in Fort Mill. The separation agreement can then be used as a divorce decree if needed. In South Carolina, there is no “legal” separation, so there doesn’t need to be any written agreement; couples can have an attorney draft a divorce decree. 

Why You Need a Divorce Lawyer in Fort Mill

The toll divorce has on someone physically, mentally, emotionally and financially can last a lifetime. A divorce attorney can make the process as simple as possible, and ensure your rights are preserved. 

Divorce proceedings are challenging, especially when couples can’t agree on the division of assets or child custody. Harden Law understands the court system and will represent you in the best way possible to help the court know what you need and desire. 

Advantages of Mediation for Divorce

Mediation is a possibility for couples who are able to peacefully decide on:

Meditation is a low-cost solution to dissolve a marriage. With no court fees, people can save hundreds of dollars with mediation. Money matters most during these challenging times so mediation is recommended for anyone if it is possible between the couple. 

Mediation is also a much more peaceful process than going through the court system. Since the couple come together with a willingness to compromise, decisions are reached much easier with greater satisfaction. 

Couples expecting to co-parent often decide to seek mediation. Being able to amicably resolve differing opinions on matters pertaining to their divorce is a sign they will be able to do the same for decisions regarding their children.

Uncontested Divorce in SC

An uncontested divorce in SC is the easiest way to dissolve a marriage. Not every couple can have this type of divorce, though. The criteria includes:

  • No children or high-value joint property. 
  • The couple must agree on spousal support and property division. 

The reason people decide to have an uncontested divorce is:

  • It costs the least amount of money when it comes to marriage dissolution.
  • The process is quick and easy. 

Despite the simplicity of uncontested divorces, having a divorce attorney can help ensure all documents are correct and the process runs smoothly. Harden Law has helped many couples with uncontested divorces in SC and can help you with yours, so call us now to discuss the details at (803) 820-0048

Why Choose Harden Law for Divorce Lawyers in Fort Mill

Harden Law is the most preferred divorce law firm in Fort Mill. Our team of divorce attorneys and mediators have successfully helped many couples dissolve their marriage easily and quickly. 

Our client-centered services seek to understand each one of our client’s needs, concerns and desires. Advocating our clients’ rights with our team’s expertise is why people in NC and SC decide to reach out to us for help with their divorce. 

We offer cost-effective legal strategies to help lessen the financial stress of a divorce. Regardless of the divorce process, you can be confident Harden Law will help make this difficult time in your life much easier.

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