How to Prepare For Divorce Property Division

There’s a lot that goes into preparing for a divorce in Fort Mill and Rock Hill, SC. Not only do you have to get paperwork ready, determine child custody, and consult with legal experts on any disagreements you may have, but you also have to determine how to split the property that you own. While this is a matter to take up with a legal professional, here are a few basic tips.

Take Inventory of What You Have

One of the largest mistakes that people make when getting a divorce is not making a full list of everything that they own together. If you don’t’ have this list, it could delay the process by weeks or even longer, so if you are serious about getting the divorce in a timely manner, then this is one huge consideration that you must make. This list must be comprehensive, including physical possessions, ranging from electronics like a TV or DVD/Blu Ray system to appliances like refrigerators or vehicles. Anything and everything should be included, even the house and the land it was built on, if you own it. Other things that this list must have are any debts you still have on property, education, vehicles, etc. Part of this process may include hiring professionals to appraise the worth of large items, such as the house, furniture, and so forth. Not only this, but the value of each of the party’s bank accounts must also be considered. The more comprehensive you can make this list, the less time the divorce proceedings will take.

Make a List of Needs

Another large part of the division of property in a divorce Rock Hill, SC is determining the financial situation of the married parties. Again, if the court has to find out this information on its own, it can be a costly and drawn out affair. You should define all of the financial obligations that you may have. This includes not only debts that you still owe, but regular items that you spend money on each month or year. These can be any kind of expense, but some of the most common include the following: insurance payments such as to life or health insurance, monthly food bills, education costs, house utilities such as water and electricity, phone and internet bills, credit card payments, and so on. Additional good information to include could be the amount that each parent earns yearly, how many children need providing for, etc. The court will take all of these things into account, so the more information you provide, the better.

As always, the more information you can provide in any kind of court case, the better, as the judge will use it to make the best decision possible. With divorce Rock Hill, SC, particularly with property division, you need to come prepared. Consult with a trusted legal expert to maximize your preparedness, and to determine the fastest, least expensive way possible to go about this process.