How to Make Plans for Getting a Divorce

It takes a lot longer to get divorced than it does to get married – and it isn’t anywhere near as much fun. But if you find that divorce is on the horizon, you must plan for it; otherwise, you could find yourself in the middle of a nasty battle and have no records or documentation to support your side of the story.

Pre-planning your divorce will help to ensure that you, your children and your assets are protected. You will need to deal with dividing assets and deciding on custody, or visitation rights and planning ahead can help you navigate through every step.

Here are some ideas for how to make plans for your divorce:

  • Write everything down: Get a notebook and keep notes on everything you feel is important. It’s natural to feel angry, afraid and sad. With all those emotions bubbling up it can be easy to forget important information. Keep notes of everything that is said.
  • Collect your financial information: It’s critical to have all of your financial information at your fingertips. If that means you have to wait a couple of weeks before you leave, then so be it (unless you consider yourself to be in danger!). You will likely have more access to this information while you’re still living in the marital home; be patient.
  • Get a new place to live: Never move out of the family home without discussing with your lawyer (again, this doesn’t apply if you feel you or your children are in danger). You may decide to stay in the family home, rather than move. Either way, you’ll have to come up with a budget to make sure you will be able to afford it. If your finances are uncertain, you may have to rent something.
  • Decide what you want: From the living room lamps to the new bedroom furniture, to the new car in the garage, you must decide what you want from the home. Make a list of everything you want. Be prepared to negotiate – are you willing to give up support to keep your home? Separate your ‘must haves’ from your ‘nice to haves’. This will make the entire process easier.
  • Prepare yourself mentally & emotionally: Make no mistake – no matter how much you prepare, divorce is going to be a tough, grueling process and it’s going to take its toll on you. Get a physical, eat healthy, get plenty of rest and practice some breathing exercises. This may seem like a waste of time now, but once you are fully enveloped in the divorce, you will appreciate the fact that you have some control over your own
  • Envision your new life: Take a few moments each day to meditate and visualize what your life will be like when the divorce is over. Are you happier? Thinner? Do you have a new career? Do you drive a new car? Are you at peace? Visualizing the end result can help you get through those tough days.

Remember that spousal rights and responsibilities may differ from state to state. If you’re getting a divorce in Rock Hill, SC, for example, certain processes may be different from a divorce in New York, New York.

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