How Do I Tell My Partner I Want a Divorce?


In today’s world, divorce is such a popular part of our culture that it sometimes doesn’t even feel plausible to discuss the sanctity of marriage anymore. In fact, the divorce rate in the United States is almost as high as the marriage rate. If you are you considering getting a divorce but you don’t know how your partner will take it, read on and use these tips to help break the news to your spouse.

Find a Good Time for Both of You

No one wants to discuss a divorce when they just got home from a long day of work. Find a time when both of you are in fairly good moods and you’re level headed enough to talk it out. While your good moods may quickly plummet, it’s better than having a bad mood that turns into an even worse mood because the topic of divorce is brought up.

Break it to Them Calmly and Gently

Don’t scream in your partner’s face when you tell them that you want a divorce. Sit them down at the kitchen table and when you tell them, explain exactly what is prompting you to ask for a divorce. Hopefully they’ll understand or try to work it out, but if they aren’t, then at least you know you did everything that you could to gently break the news to them.

Don’t Have Someone Else Do it For You

Do not get someone else to break the news for you. Not only is that a cop out, but it also makes you seem cowardly and immature. It is okay to feel scared and nervous when bringing up the topic of divorce, but don’t get your sister or aunt to tell your spouse about the divorce before you get the chance to bring it up.

If You Find that it’s Hard to Say in Person…

Write out your feelings in a letter and give it to your partner. Tell them that what you wrote in the letter is too hard to say in person and that they can come and talk to you when they’re done reading it. Your spouse might even be thankful that you chose to write your feelings out in words because it can make it easier to take a few minutes and digest the information.

Know That You Are Not Alone

Nobody wants to go through a divorce alone. There are tons of people out there going through a divorce just like you, so don’t give up. Call your friends and family whenever you need them and surround yourself with people that you love. They believe in you, so don’t give up.

No matter how you choose to tell your partner about the impending doom that is divorce, make sure you break it calmly, gently and pick a good time and place to do it. Don’t bring the topic up over dinner at a restaurant or something like that. Once you both talk the topic of divorce out, make sure to call a law firm and get a divorce attorney. If you live in SC, consider getting a lawyer from the Harden Law firm.

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