Holidays and Divorce

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The holidays may have seemed fun and exciting before your separation. Now, things might feel complicated and stressful. You can successfully navigate this time with the right expectations and the right attitude.

Here’s how you can handle the holidays post-divorce.

Find the Right Support

Don’t avoid people although you might be tempted to. It’s important to remember that you don’t have to go through your divorce alone. Find a support group and surround yourself with positive people. It’s ok to ask for help and to seek support; the right people will help you through this with positivity.

Make New Memories

The holidays are a time to begin building new memories. Of course, this can be painful, but it can also help you take a few steps forward. Making new traditions in this time of change can provide a sense of control and normalcy. Remember to have realistic expectations about this time of year—“picture perfect” holidays don’t exist. Ignore the marketing and focus on building new memories with yourself, your family, or your children.

Plan Time with the Kids

Planning your holidays can help things go that much smoother. Plan for the kids to spend time with you and your former spouse if you share custody and even if you don’t. Let your children know it’s ok to spend time with your ex and have fun. Making plans can help reassure the kids that they’ll spend time with both parents this holiday season.

Treat Yourself

Take some time for yourself over the holidays. It could be as something as simple as a massage or a facial, or something a bit more extravagant such as a weekend away with friends. It could even be completing a project you’ve been putting off. Give yourself space and time to acknowledge your feelings during this first holiday season post-divorce.

Remember This Is a Fresh Start

It’s New Years, so remember that while your divorce is the end of something, it’s also the beginning of many things. Think of things you’re grateful for. Open your heart to new experiences. This is a time for hope and joy; know that things will get easier.

If this is your first holiday season post-divorce, don’t let the marketing of holiday cheer get you down. The holidays are difficult times for many people, and people who have just experienced a divorce are no exception. You can still enjoy the holidays and have fun with your family after your divorce!