Help! I Want to Divorce My Narcissist Spouse


Is your marriage taking a turn for the worst? Are you not happy with the married life you lead? If you’re looking into getting a divorce, you might want to follow this guide to how you can get out of that toxic relationship.

Talk it Out

The first step you want to take in getting a divorce from someone who loves himself more than he loves you is to talk to him. Explain why you want a divorce and maybe he’ll change his tune. Give him the chance to at least change his behavior if he has no idea that what he’s doing is upsetting you. Communication is key in any relationship, especially if you don’t really want it to end.

Acquire a Lawyer

If you’ve talked it out with your spouse and you just can’t work it out, then it’s time to call an attorney. There are divorce lawyers everywhere, so make sure you call up a few law firms and find a lawyer that is right for you. If you live in SC, you might consider calling someone from Harden Law firm. You want a lawyer who is going to be on your side every step of the way and one that is hopefully not too expensive. Divorce can be super expensive, so having a lawyer that doesn’t cost too much money is a good way to start saving money.

Settle Any Custody Battles

Once the divorce is finalized, a custody battle is probably going to happen. Make sure that you have the upper hand in most areas. This would be providing proof that you have a stable job, a steady income and a means of providing for your children. If you don’t have any children, then you won’t have to worry about this. Joint custody is also an option if the court deems both parents fit to raise the children.

Work Out Any Settlements

Some divorces end in settlements due to the fact that some people don’t want to pay child or spousal support. In this case, both parties can agree on a settlement sum wherein the party who has to pay the support gives the other party a sum of money in order to not have to pay spousal or child support after the divorce. Work this to your advantage if you’re going to agree on a court sanctioned settlement. Divorce is very expensive, so make sure that the settlement comes out in your favor because once the settlement is paid, you won’t be getting any more support from your ex-spouse.

While divorce is a tricky subject, your lawyer can help you every step of the way and answer questions for you. They are the best resource that you will have during the whole ordeal. Whatever happens in the divorce, hopefully you come out feeling like it was the right decision for you to make. Otherwise, you could be left with feelings of emptiness, depression and loss afterwards. Seek a healthcare professional or speak with a therapist if you have symptoms of depression or anxiety after going through a divorce.

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