Four Things You Should Know About Divorce in SC

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Getting a divorce in Fort Mill, SC can often be complicated, confusing and of course is very stressful. Your friends and family have the best of intentions as they tell you the ins and outs of divorce in SC, as they know it. Many times, it is because they have been there, but many more times it is because they saw it on TV.

Sadly, your friends aren’t always right and there are myths about divorce in Fort Mill, SC that need to be dispelled. Below, find four things that you should know about divorce in SC before you go to court.

Myth: It’s Alright to Date Before Your Divorce is Final

Fact: It you date someone before your divorce is final, the judge could find that you are committing adultery. This not only looks bad in a court of law, it can also stop you from getting alimony payments or even end in your paying alimony payments instead. SC law prohibits the payment of alimony to anyone who has been proven to be committing adultery. Adultery could also cause you to lose custody of your children and even limit your visitation time.

Myth: You Don’t have to Pay Child Support if Your Spouse Refuses to let You See Your Children

Fact: The truth is that the only way to stop paying child support is to talk to your lawyer and take your spouse back to court. You cannot stop paying child support just because your spouse won’t let you see your children. Deciding not to pay child support after it is ordered through a divorce can end up with you having to pay all back child support and possibly end up in jail.

Myth: The Mother Automatically gets Custody of the Children in a SC Divorce

Fact: At one time, the mother usually got custody of the children in a divorce automatically. South Carolina now ignores the gender of the parent and focuses on what is in the best interest of the child. Major factors that are used in determining child custody in Fort Mill, SC include the fitness of the parent, domestic violence, your financial situation, immoral conduct, parenting skills, the home environment, and the opinion of other people.

Myth: You don’t Need a Lawyer to get a Divorce

Fact: While this may be a true and false statement, you are certainly better off with a reputable divorce attorney in your corner. There is too much at stake at this critical stage in your life to trust your divorce and the custody of your children to chance. It is best to hire someone to represent you in your divorces, so that you know you are covered.

These are just four things that you will want to know about divorce in Fort Mill, SC before you step into court. Your friends and family mean well, but it is better to have the myths dispelled before you make a move that can hurt your case.

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