Common life events that can affect your will

estate-planning-law-fort-mill-scWhen you have your will prepared, it is important to keep in mind that that life is unpredictable. At times people forget that major life changes can affect every aspect in your life, including your will. The following are common events that normally call for a revision of your will. For residents in areas such as Fort Mill and Rock Hill SC, having a good lawyer can ease the revision process.

Divorce is one event that can be trying enough for people to forget about their wills.

For people who believe in early estate planning, establishing wills while married seems like a logical plan of action. Preparing for whatever the future may hold and being sure to ease the burden on your loved ones, is always prudent and thoughtful. However, when the unfortunate happens and couples divorce, amid the emotionally charged times, the matter of their wills may be looked over in all the details. It is often put on the bottom for priorities and neglected until it becomes an issue later on. Having a good local lawyer, in the Rock Hill or Fort Mill area can mean using the same person for both estate planning and divorce. When this is the case, you can rest assured that the will is not neglected.

Family changes, such as deaths and births.

As tragic as it can be to outlive younger family members, it does happen. When there is a funeral in the works, as odd as it may sound, people tend to go one of two ways in thinking. They will either be reminded of their own mortality and think upon things such as their will and any estate plans they have or want to make, or they will put death as far from their thoughts as possible. The latter unfortunately can create issues later on down the road, in particular when the person who passed away was to inherit from your estate. Among paying respects, attending a funeral should be a good reason and reminder of what can happen, or what you want to happen for your loved ones. Was it extremely stressful for the rest of the family or for yourself? Keeping your full estate plan up to date can help ease the pain of your loved ones.

Additions to the family can also be a cause to change your will as well. If you want to amend your estate plans to include provisions for late additions to the family, doing so quickly can help ensure there is no time for worry later. You can change your will as much as you’d like when you are alive. The team of professionals at Harden Law are more than happy to help Rock Hill and Fort Mill, SC residents keep their estate plans up to date and revised as often as needed. Life rarely stays the same for long, why should your will?

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