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Family courts decide all issues regarding a divorce. From custody issues to support, alimony and even property, South Carolina family courts handle all marital litigation.


South Carolina family courts will decide the amount of child support or spousal support (alimony) to be awarded or requested of either party. Child support is calculated using several measures from income to expenses.


If both spouses can work together, agreements can typically be settled outside of a court setting. However, if they cannot come to terms, there may be need for a court intervention to settle issues of support, custody and property. If this occurs, then the family courts of South Carolina will be the final decision in these divorce items.


Family courts in South Carolina also handle matters regarding separation actions. When spouses decide to separate, they may or may not have intentions to divorce. Typically a “separate maintenance and support” claim can be filed to provide support during this separation timeframe. Separation begins when both spouses no longer live together.

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