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judge_hammer_and_wedding_rings.s600x600-960x640A divorce is a difficult process for everyone involved. The parents, children, property and even the household finances are part of the final divorce decree. Your intent throughout the entire process will help determine the outcome of your divorce. Although a divorce can seem like an emotional roller coaster, Harden Law (located in Fort Mill SC and serving most SC areas) can help you throughout the entire divorce proceedings.

Here are 8 Do’s and Don’ts of Divorce

Talking with your divorce attorney:

1) DO provide information. A divorce will require a lot of personal information about your assets, financials, family life and more. The more information you can provide, the better your attorney can work towards your goal.
2) DO NOT lie to your attorney. Honesty is always the best policy when dealing with any legal issue, including divorce. Hiding income or other relationships from your attorney can negatively affect your case.

Dealing with your soon to be ex-spouse:

3) DO act in a calm, rational manner. Its best to walk away from fights and act civilized. Acting civil towards each other will set the right example for your children.
4) DO NOT act out of the “norm”. Do not threaten to quit your job, change the family finances, cancel health insurance or life insurance during the case.

Managing shared property:

5) DO continue to maintain your property. This will help to maintain and even maximize its value. Remember to indicate to your divorce lawyer what property may be considered separate or non marital.
6) DO NOT make any major purchases or life changes during your divorce, especially buying real estate. It is also not a good idea to buy property and then commingle the property during this time.

Taking care of the children:

7) DO continue to jointly parent with your spouse/ex-spouse. During a divorce, feelings need to be put to the side in order to maintain a healthy living area for your children. Children should continue to spend time with each parent.
8) DO NOT make your children choose between parents. Children are often used as tools in a divorce and should not be told to spy on the other parent or to make a decision who they want to be with more. This only causes alienation and is not healthy for any party involved.

There are many aspects to divorce and every divorce is unique in its own way. From child custody to division of assets, Harden Law can handle every part of a divorce. Located in Fort Mill SC, Harden Law provides a full range of Family Law legal services. Click here to contact Harden Law today.

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