6 Reasons You Should Use Your Own Attorney if You Are Filing for Divorce

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A divorce is a painful, painful experience on the couple’s emotions when they are going through it. What was once a loving and happy life can now be seen as bitter and cold. What can result out of this is loneliness for both parties involved and a more negative outlook on life and love.

Enough with the Dramatics

All soap opera melodrama aside, sometimes a divorce can be just a mutual agreement to end it, and it won’t be as negative as some people will say. However, that does not mean that it cannot be a gigantic process that can sometimes drag on and on.

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One important part of the somewhat tedious process known as a divorce is finding the right divorce attorney. An attorney who will understand the situation the best, from a personal standpoint and will be able to help the couple deal with any kind of emotional problems that may occur during the divorce process. Also, finding an attorney who is going to meet the right needs for the couple post-divorce is part of the attorney search.

Wait, What About…

However, why not cut through the search and just use your family’s attorney or your own personal one that you’ve had for years?

They Already Know You

If one, or both, of the parties involved with the divorce, has known them for a few months/years prior to this case, then they are going to be personal about it and help the couple out in terms of emotional problems. Instead of opening up to a stranger, the couple involved can open up to someone they actually know. 

May Not Be As Costly in the Long Run

Hiring a new, hotshot divorce attorney may be costing you a pretty penny. Hiring the attorney who has always been there will still be expensive, it’s still hiring an attorney after all, but it won’t be if they have had the same rates for years.

Ends the Search Process

Hiring a personal attorney gets rid of the long search process for a new attorney. No long will the couple involved have to look for a lawyer, after lawyer and prepare the same interview questions in order to find the right one.

Attorney Can Be Fair and Balanced

With knowing the couple beforehand, the attorney will probably want to keep the post-divorce as balanced and fair as possible. They will probably want to make sure that both parties involved are getting the results they need.

Will Keep It Civil During Hearings

Sometimes arguments can break out during divorce hearings and they can get ugly. Luckily, an attorney that they have previously known will more than likely keep the arguments down.

They Won’t Have Any Outside Motives

Since they know the couple and know what a massive emotional toll it is taking on them, the attorney hired probably does not want to exploit it in order to get a bigger paycheck. If they attorney has known them for years and attempts this, it could not only even further damage the couple’s former relationship, but also the attorney’s reputation.

A divorce is a lengthy and emotional process for a couple. On top of all the personal issues, the whole part about finding the right lawyer for the task at hand is hard. Then again, some people already have their own attorney, so it is easier to just hire him/her. They already know who you are and are going to handle it fair if the attorney was hired by the couple divorcing. It is an ideal way to keep the divorce a little less hectic. It is still going to be hectic, but having to search attorney after attorney will get boring real fast. Why not cut to the chase and hire the person who has been there all along?

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