5 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Divorce Attorney

For many couples, marriage is a perfect way to celebrate their love. Spending your entire life with someone who you love is something that most couples want more than anything. It isn’t an easy task that can be mastered. Marriage is also a full-time job in itself, but sometimes it can be too difficult for couples. Eventually, there are couples that feel a divorce will be the best course of action, not only for their family but for themselves.

A divorce is a stressful, complex and often heartbreaking, experience that can end in crushing loneliness. For such a depressing task, the two people involved will probably want to look for the right divorce lawyer. One that is understanding, but one that isn’t going to look at the issue lightly.

Selecting a divorce lawyer is just like selecting a lawyer in any other legal situation, as there are several factors to keep in mind when selecting the right attorney for the job. The Harden Law Firm in Fort Hill and Rock Hill, South Carolina, specializes in family law. This also includes divorces. Their website details how to find the right divorce lawyer.

Attorneys Around the Area

First and foremost, try to find a divorce attorney, or a group of them, that specialize in the marriage divorce field. Broadening your choices for an attorney will make the selection process longer, but it will also give you more choices. Maybe the one lawyer from your neighboring town over could be the right one for your divorce case.
Grounds for Divorce?

Simply “falling out of love,” isn’t going to fly within the court as a reason for divorce. What is the legal reasoning? There are several different reasons for getting a divorce, whether it be a follow up to a year-long separation, to repeated domestic abuse to the broad “irreconcilable differences,” what is the reason why you and your former partner getting a divorce?

The Lawyer’s Reputation

This may come off as a no-brainer, but it is still essential. How have they handled themselves in cases similar to your own divorce? How have other clients, or even people you know personally, felt about this attorney’s service? A reputation makes or breaks lawyers, and it can make or break how well your divorce proceedings go, too.

How Personal?

Arguably one of the most important parts of any attorney-client relationship is whether or not they truly care about the issue that their client is in. A divorce is deeply personal, as the people involved start to wonder why their romance went wrong. The right kind of attorney will handle it without hurting their clients’ feelings any further or will even just talk to them to help them keep their mind off of the divorce.

Create Realistic Goals for Divorce and Post-Divorce

For example, if a former partner treated you so badly you want the court to ruin his or her life, which would be considered unrealistic. Not to mention just plain cruel. Besides trying to gain custody of children or an alimony, what personal goals will you be setting? What will you accomplish in the long run?

A marriage separation is difficult on a couple’s emotions, but a divorce is a whole other level of depressing. Trying to figure out what to do can be a daunting chore for your emotions too. Along with finding the right attorney for the case, this becomes almost a full-time job as well. Keeping the five factors in mind, though, will make that part of the job a little less stressful.