4 Tips for Finding the Right Domestic Abuse Attorney

Domestic abuse happens in approximately 25 percent of all relationships. If you’re married with children, the process of finding a divorce lawyer in Fort Mill, SC can be quite complex. Abuse is a traumatic ordeal that can be hard to understand by those who haven’t experienced it.  You need an attorney that handles these situations with compassion and will help you with all of your legal matters.

Finding the right domestic abuse attorney is the key to maintaining your dignity and your legal rights. Here are four tips for finding the right lawyer for you and your situation.

  • Communication: There needs to be open communication between you and your attorney. At your initial consultation, your lawyer will need to know everything that’s happened in your marriage. If you have a journal or notes with dates and incidents, bring them along to discuss. Medical records are also important to have with you. Once you explain your situation, your lawyer will communicate what the process will be and what you will need to do in order to protect yourself, your children and your rights. While they can’t guarantee an outcome, they will work to make sure that you get fair and just treatment. When children are involved, it can complicate things further, so this will also need to be discussed between you and your lawyer. Everything you say is protected by the attorney-client privilege.
  • Experienced: Getting a divorce in Fort Mill, SC is traumatic enough; when you add domestic abuse to a divorce proceeding, legal matters can get even more complex. The attorney you choose must have experience dealing with these types of cases; they must understand the law and the emotional issues that go along with it. Harden Law attorneys are well-versed in dealing with domestic violence cases, with clients of all socioeconomic From filing a petition in Family Court to preparing the final order of divorce, Harden Law attorneys will help protect your children, your finances, and your personal safety.
  • Compassionate: Harden Law attorneys understand that there are many emotional issues that domestic abuse creates. A compassionate lawyer realizes that it took a lot to get to this stage (many abuse victims leave and go back to their spouse at least seven times before making the break for good). Your attorney will handle your case with compassion and give you the respect you deserve.
  • Affordable: Your attorney and law firm should understand that you probably don’t have an unlimited budget. And when it comes to the safety of you and your children, protection is paramount, not payment. Your lawyer should do everything he or she can to ensure the safety of you and your family, without you having to declare bankruptcy after the process is completed.

A divorce in Fort Mill, SC, and domestic violence issues must be dealt with by specialized attorneys who understand the complex court system and will make sure you get everything you are legally entitled to. It won’t be easy – but it will be worth it for you and your children to be in a safe environment.

The Harden Law firm can guide you through the process of divorce and help you understand you rights under the law. Visit the website or call today for more information.