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Attorney Haley Harden was born in Charlotte, NC and has lived in the surrounding area her entire life. She seeks to provide clients at our firm with the best possible representation built on a foundation of trust. Haley is passionate about helping others while they endure some of the more difficult times of their lives.
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Child Custody
How is Child Custody Determined?


Domestic Violence
What is the legal definition of abuse in South Carolina?


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Overview of an Annulment

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If you wish to use your spouse’s affair(s) as grounds for a hostile divorce, then it’s important to gather as much evidence as possible both before taking your case to court. Usually, a hostile divorce involves infidelity. While you may …


Child support arrangements ensure your children are secure in the new living situation that happens after the divorce. Regardless of the outcome, your children will face a different kind of home. As parents, you are still responsible for their children’s …

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Separation is never easy. Although it does not have the same ramifications as divorce, legal separation allows married couples who no longer wish to live together a route of escape. If you are considering a legal separation, then you likely …

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We all know that divorce is a difficult time for adults. However, divorce can also leave lasting effects in your child’s development. In your child’s eyes, divorce may seem like a literal end of the world, especially when child custody …

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While exact definitions vary from state to state, an Order of Protection in South Carolina is defined as a restraining order specifically for individuals seeking protection from members of their households. An Order of Protection is tailored to protect vulnerable …


When it comes to finding a lawyer, many people fail to know what to look for. Hiring the wrong lawyer can result in your legal issues and battles being more than just frustrating. In the event that you need a …